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What is Creative Problem Solving?

Here at Creative Fold, we pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers. How do we define that? At a basic level, creative problem solving involves thinking outside the box to come up with unique solutions for problems. But we also draw on our diverse backgrounds in the business, non-profit, education, toy and game, arts, consumer product, and design sectors to approach challenges with open minds, fresh ideas, and non-traditional methods. 

In practice, this could mean completely restructuring the design of a game box to a smaller shipping footprint by overhauling the gameplay. Or introducing a new component material to create an inventive play experience like we did with Thinkfun’s Spider Web game. Creative Fold is a space that welcomes all ideas and explores any potential.

When my grandfather was a boy, he wanted the game Monopoly but his parents told him it was too expensive. Rather than save up his pennies from odd jobs around the farm, he made a complete game of Monopoly using paper and other household materials. Creative problem solving at work!

As a contractor with Creative Fold, I focus on copywriting, editing, and sharing the Creative Fold story online. When I’m not doing that, I’m at home with a two-year-old. And if you’ve ever interacted with kids, you know all about creative problem solving!


Whether it’s turning a pile of sticks into a fort or transforming an old paper towel tube into a spyglass, the opportunities for creative thinking are endless. With these materials and a bit of thinking outside the box, how can I occupy my child for the length of time we’re at this restaurant or attending this (fairly quiet) concert? How many different uses can we imagine for this stick? What else can this toy do other than its intended play pattern?

Kids are actually the best creative problem solvers. They’re not conditioned to think uniformly or that certain things must be done a certain way. They’ll use what they have to try and get what they want. Every day I witness my son’s curiosity spark invention. 

We’re lucky to see so many eco-conscious and high-quality toys being developed lately, especially those with a focus on adaptability and accessibility. As we continue to hone our team’s creative problem solving skills, we’ll embrace the ability to adapt and transform our thinking processes. With an open creative mind, anything is possible.

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