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ThinkFun – Spider Web



  • Industrial Design: Product Concept Sketches, 3D Modeling & Rendering, Mockups & Prototypes

  • Product Development: Playtesting, Sourcing & Development


The Challenge

Drawing on inspiration from a puzzle shared at a Gathering 4 Gardner math conference, our team created this novel game concept utilizing the functionality of rubber bands to “trap creatures.”  


  • The product’s technical difficulty had to hit a sweet spot for the age range - easy enough for for kids to use dexterity-wise and to solve beginner challenges - hard enough to be tricky for adults without being frustrating

  • Playtesting required multiple iterations of 3D-printed gameboard mockups and puzzle challenges of varying skill levels


  • Gameboard needed to hold 40 challenge cards, contain pegs to wrap the rubber bands around, be travel friendly, and clearly invoke a spider web-like design


The Solution

Through multiple rounds of in-person playtesting and extensive feedback, we determined the challenge difficulty level for the ideal play experience. Our final design of the gameboard pegs and rubber bands creates a simple game mechanic with intuitive directions and long-term replayability.


  • Working with an external puzzle developer to program the challenges provides a set of 40 computer-generated and human-tested beginner to expert challenges

  • Adjusting game difficulty and instructions based on direct feedback from playtesting families creates a well-vetted play experience

  • Thoroughly-tested peg design of gameboard ensures functionality and ease of use for hands of all sizes


We loved working on this product–nearly from start to finish! Our team worked seamlessly with the client thanks to years of collaboration in varying capacities. We’re thrilled to play a part in bringing another title to the ThinkFun puzzle world.

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