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Creative Fold’s Favorite Games of 2020

In 2020, many people turned to games to bring connection, distraction, and creativity. Here at Creative Fold, we launched company game nights as a way to combat isolation in the pandemic’s early days. Our team gathered virtually to play games like Code Names and Scattergories.

Even though our day jobs center around games, that doesn’t stop us from enjoying games in our off-time! In addition to company game nights, our team looked to games as a way to engage with family and friends across the country. Here are our favorite games and puzzles of 2020.

Katie in Virginia got really into playing the French Toast Game.

“It's a game that works well virtually and helped get me through the times when I was missing seeing friends and family in person. You definitely get better at it the more you play!” –Katie

Jodi in Chicago played a lot of Just One last year.

“I like the cooperative nature of the game and the content is interesting and still approachable. Just a quick enjoyable way to spend an evening with friends or family (even on a video call).” –Jodi

Elisabeth in Iowa discovered a way to play Pinochle through Trickster Cards, a website platform with nine different trick-taking card games.

“I love playing pinochle with my family across the country. I also want to add a second game—Morels! I just got it for Christmas and am already hooked. It’s one of the best two-player games I’ve seen...and who doesn’t love a game about cooking mushrooms in butter?” –Elisabeth

Hayley in Chicago really loved Jigsaw puzzles in 2020. She’s been doing a lot of puzzles and fewer games.

“Puzzles have been our favorite lowkey activity because we can have it setup in our living room and anyone can sit down and work on it, but also can get up and leave when you're bored. It's been a great family activity. We just finished a David Bowie one and about to start a Frank Lloyd Wright one. Very excited!” –Hayley

Kristin in Virginia started playing video games online in 2020 to keep in touch with her family, who are major gamers. She especially enjoyed the game Ark.

“I really love playing Ark. It's a survival game that takes place in an outdoor world with giant birds, dinosaurs, and mega sharks. You can form tribes, swim, collect food, build a house, and tame wild animals that can be ridden on ground or fly in the sky.” –Kristin

Brian in Chicago picks Spirits of the Forest.

“This is a really simple and quick game that plays great with 2 that has just enough competitiveness without feeling cutthroat or unbalanced. Plus we both love the art style and when combined with the quality of the components makes this really enjoyable to play.” –Brian

Kelly in Colorado says Carcassonne was her favorite.

“With play only lasting between 30-45 minutes, it was a great activity to do while eating dinner so that we could then head back over to the couch for our nightly Netflix binge!” –Kelly

If you’re looking for games or puzzles to carry you through the slog of pandemic life, check out these options. We’re not game experts or anything. Wait...we actually are! So trust us. And get playing.


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