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Mastermind Toys – Sensory Balls & Wooden Mini Golf Set



Graphic Design: Package Graphics


The Challenge

Our client needed assistance adapting their private label brand guidelines to a few new products with irregular packaging shape and style. Additionally, the client requested help applying the new guidelines to a baby-specific product. 


  • With die cut holes in the packaging for the product to show through, technical aspects created a challenge for artwork design and text placement

  • Limited product photography from the factory led to difficulty capturing the product correctly on the packaging


  • An irregular, long packaging size made adapting the brand guidelines a complicated task


The Solution

Using the new private label brand guidelines and adapting them as needed, we worked together to finalize packaging artwork for two new products.


  • After extensive Photoshop work, packaging artwork clearly showcases product

  • Packaging design for the baby-specific product adheres to the guidelines while also fitting into the appropriate age grade

  • The addition of two irregularly-packaged products to the private label line creates strong examples for future products


Our team delivered production-ready packaging artwork to the client for two new products, a task made much easier by drawing on direction from the recently developed private label brand guidelines.

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