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Mastermind Toys - Brand Guidelines



Graphic Design: Logos & Brand Guides


The Challenge

As part of a standardization designed to bolster their private label product line, the client requested our help to create official private label brand guidelines. The client, Canada’s leading specialty toy and children’s book retailer, needed clarification for product managers and overseas affiliates to ensure a consistent look and feel for their private label line. 


  • With no official brand guidelines, products and product packaging were being designed case by case with no larger strategy and inconsistent language offerings

  • Product developers and designers needed guidelines to deliver a cohesive product line


  • Without a standardized blister packaging design, additional work was required for each new product in the line


The Solution

Our team worked flexibly alongside the client through a few rounds of revisions to arrive at a satisfactory solution. The official private label product guidelines document includes standard packaging dimensions, direction on various packaging types, color palettes, and photography guidelines for product photos and photoshoots. 


  • The new toolkit streamlines company processes and ensures clean, consistent design across the private label product line

  • Standardized blister packaging design guide allows for ease of replication for future products

  • A printable PDF document allows for easy sharing across the company and with external partners


Now that these new guidelines exist, the sky’s the limit! We even used the new brand guide recently to work on product packaging for a separate project with the client.

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