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Zenit - Udeas Product Concepts


  • Graphic Design: Package Graphics

  • Industrial Design: Product Concept Sketches

  • Product Development: Competitive Landscape Analysis

The Challenge

Long-time manufacturing partner asked us to help them develop a line of high-end children’s products based on current US market trends. This project would include research, product concepting and ideation, and packaging design. 


  • Products needed to be mostly wood materials, premium quality, and targeted towards a young age range (6 and under)

  • In addition to beautiful design and playability, each product had to be functional and safe for young children


  • Detailed product sketches needed to clearly show each product’s functionality, play pattern, and visual appeal based on popular themes


The Solution

Our research guided us towards a few popular themes (dinosaurs, fairies, ice cream trucks, avocados) and play-patterns (rocking and ride-on toys, shape sorters, jungle gyms, kitchen playsets, and push walkers). From there we spent time concepting before creating realistic sketches showcasing the proposed product line and packaging graphics.


  • Reimagining favorite toy types and merging them with wooden materials and a muted color scheme creates a high-end play product line that’s appealing to both children and design-conscious adults

  • Thinking about each product from the child’s perspective encourages open-minded product concepting (for example, adding a mail slot to a product for a fun imaginative play element)

  • Considering margins and production costs keeps this product line profitable for the client


Our storyboards were a hit! We love creating toys with the full product life cycle in mind, asking “How will this grow with the child?” We’re proud of this line of heirloom toys and can’t wait to see them produced.

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