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What Do You Meme?


Product Development: Playtesting

The Challenge

Our client wanted help playtesting a variety of game concepts spanning the entire market from 3+ board games to R-rated adult party games.  


  • Each game required a specific set of questions & answers to our playtesting database for feedback

  • Some playtests needed to also provide video and photo content for the client’s internal development team and potential marketing purposes

  • Feedback had to identify any weaknesses in the gameplay, design, and branding behind the games


The Solution

Drawing on our substantial database of playtesters, our team found individuals of appropriate ages to test the various board games and party games, providing solid feedback and thoughtful direction to the client.


  • Game-loving playtesters went above and beyond to provide deep insights into what worked and what didn’t with each game

  • Our variety of playtesters provided wide-ranging opinions from a broad background—from homeschool families to party-loving twenty somethings to groups of middle-aged moms

  • Through a proven survey process, we collected a substantial amount of information about each game


Our team compiled and analyzed the data, providing the client with end results and an executive summary of proposed changes based on playtester feedback. We’re happy to work with such a dynamic team at What Do You Meme?

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