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Marketing Collateral


The Challenge

Our client, a Chicago-based retailer of high-end, eco-friendly furniture, requested a redesign on their marketing tear sheets and website copy.

  • Design needed to be readable and consistent: prior iterations had been disjointed

  • Company voice needed to engage audience while highlighting company values


The Solution

We used the client’s urban-minimalist style as inspiration to completely revamp their digital and print marketing presence.

  • Quickly produced a packet of tear sheets for over 20 SKUs 

  • New style trimmed all visual noise and showcased the furniture itself, subtitled by technical details and a concise, evocative description

  • Produced website copy for all SKUs

  • Introduced eco-terminology, urban language, and stronger phrasing into copywriting to re-emphasize client’s brand image

The client had a very specific set of parameters that were tricky to balance, but we didn’t let that stop us. Acting as an external design partner to supplement their lack of an in-house team, we produced marketing collateral quickly and efficiently to meet those high standards.

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