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Tinkering Labs - Class Pack



  • Graphic Design: Print Collateral

  • Content Creation: Copywriting

  • Industrial Design: Package Construction, Mockups & Prototypes

The Challenge

A long-time client wanted our help creating a bundled pack for schools. Rather than shipping 15 versions of their main product, the Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit, they wanted a classroom-friendly version with science-based curriculum and additional resources for teachers to easily incorporate into lesson plans. 


  • Bundled pack components needed to make sense for 30 students in a classroom setting, requiring an assessment of pieces, instructions, challenge cards, and all other contents

  • Packaging and presentation had to showcase the Electric Motors Catalyst parts and pieces while keeping everything easily navigable and organized for classroom application


  • Teachers needed in-depth direction explaining everything from how to use the product, curriculum guides, lesson plans, time estimates, and more


The Solution

We helped design a slick cabinet system with labeled pullout cardboard drawers for easy organization. There are even rolling wheels that attach, if desired! Our team worked closely with a teacher to write curriculum aligning with US school standards.


  • Finished cabinet system provides the perfect way to showcase the product in a classroom-friendly way

  • Streamlining the bundled pack ensures all the right parts and pieces are included for 30 students plus all teacher materials without shipping redundant packaging or instructions

  • Addition of Curriculum Guide and Challenge Guide booklets eases use for teachers and classroom facilitators and ensures proven, science-based learning for students


With our help, Tinkering Labs has amped up the Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit classroom experience. Students across the globe are now able to experience powerful, deeply immersive learning through the new 30-Student Classroom Module.

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