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Tinkering Labs - Add-on Packs



  • Graphic Design: Package Graphics 

  • Product Development: Sourcing & Development

The Challenge

A long-time client wanted help creating an add-on pack with LED lights for the existing Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit and assistance updating their add-on product line packaging.


  • Add-on LED lights pack would enhance play experience of original product through additional features

  • Product was at beginning of development and needed to be completed


  • Client wanted overall design of add-on packs to be cohesive in terms of packaging and components


The Solution

Our team helped develop the LED light pack add-on from the ground up. We also created new graphics for all existing add-on packs to bring consistency and uniformity to the product line.


  • Light Pack brings a new dimension to the Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit with 6 wired LED lights to add color to tinkering and inventing

  • Newly designed graphics for the line of add-on packs showcases the product offering with brand consistency

This case study exemplifies how easy it is for our team to plug in (no pun intended!) to existing client projects and take them to the next level. We love helping clients “light up” their product offering and presentation!

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