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ThinkFun: My First Math Dice



  • Graphic Design: Packaging Graphics

  • Content Creation: Copywriting

  • Industrial Design: Product Concept Sketches, 3D Modeling & Renderings, Package Construction,  Prototype Evaluation

  • Product Development: Playtesting, UX Evaluation

  • Manufacturing: Initial Factory Quotes


The Challenge

Our client requested help developing and playtesting a game concept targeted at young children to join a successful, existing product line. 


  • Initial concept required a competitor product analysis to ensure proper positioning

  • Game components had to be adapted to comply with increased safety standards and usability by smaller hands at a reasonable cost

  • Product needed to appeal visually to younger children with concise instructions and clear messaging for all ages


The Solution

Our team navigated the challenge by creating tokens with a stacking mechanism for optimal usability and a fun play pattern for young children.


  • Color studies and intensive playtesting of game play, 3D-printed components, and instructions creates a proven product with visual appeal and endless play

  • Collaboration with the factory on costing and white sample process ensures functionality of the packaging and components

  • Vibrant packaging artwork captures desired effect through engaging graphics, concise “how to play” language, and clear messaging focused on counting and sorting skills


ThinkFun was thrilled to receive an expertly-tested game with ready-to-go artwork for components, instructions, and packaging, as well as 3D renderings for the product catalog. We can’t wait to see this newest member of the famous Math Dice® line hit store shelves!

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