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ThinkFun - Block Chain™



  • Graphic Design: Packaging Graphics

  • Content Creation: Copywriting, Custom Icons

  • Industrial Design: Product Concept Sketches, 3D Modeling & Renderings, Package Construction, Mockups & Prototypes

  • Product Development: Playtesting, User Experience Evaluation, Sourcing & Development

  • Manufacturing: Competitive Factory Quotes


The Challenge

Our client, an industry leader in logic games and puzzles, had an early-stage concept that needed challenge development, testing, and design and production assistance. 


  • Product concept required testing and industrial design

  • Design needed to spark interest and shelf appeal while accurately displaying the product with minimal packaging text

  • Production had to be coordinated with the factory to ensure seamless construction and perfect functionality while keeping costs reasonable


The Solution

Through weekly meetings with the client’s internal project manager and the talents of different members of our team, we collaborated to create a functional and beautiful product. 


  • In-depth playtesting and development ensures successful playability and functionality

  • Approachable puzzle theme with vibrant colors creates an attractive and exciting product with something for everyone and that perfect “aha moment”

  • Package messaging focuses on visual, icon-based instructions to communicate the concept that it’s not just a cube but three links that fit together

  • Coordination with factory on materials, assembly, and display results in a perfectly-made final product


With our help developing, testing, and designing, ThinkFun launched a successful trio of brainteaser puzzles in early 2021: Block Chain™ Robots, Block Chain™ Pirates, and Block Chain™ Unicorns!

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