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Thames & Kosmos:

Masters of Crime Series



  • Content Creation: Language Translation 

  • Graphic Design: Game Components

The Challenge

Thames & Kosmos, the US subsidiary of German-based game company Kosmos, asked our team to work on localizing a few of their games in the Masters of Crime series for the US market.

  • Each of the three component & text heavy games required translation from the original German text, including game board, 72 cards, and envelopes with exhibits/clues


  • After receiving translations from German translator, the translated text required a full in-house evaluation and edit for German-to-English language nuances  


  • Each of the three games had to use consistent terminology for card types, game mechanics, and general game rules


The Solution

Drawing on our international network in the toy and game industry, we were able to help the client localize their Masters of Crime series with first-rate translations. Our team’s graphic design work and thorough attention to detail throughout the whole process resulted in a successful end product. 


  • After evaluating a variety of companies, our team selected a German translator that specializes in games, which ensures consistent and comprehensible text for all game components

  • Adapting and reformatting graphical elements to align with the translated text makes the transition between different language versions seamless​

  • Consistency with language, font type, terminology, and formatting across the three games in the Masters of Crime series creates a unified brand experience across the whole line

In addition, we assisted the client with website translations for two of the games in the series. Overall, we loved working with Thames & Kosmos and can’t wait to see what the US market thinks of this immersive thriller experience!

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