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Xperience Games LLC, SongFest


  • Graphic Design: Package Graphics

  • Content Creation: Product Photography

  • Industrial Design: Package Construction, Mockups & Prototypes

  • Product Development: Playtesting, User Experience Evaluation, Sourcing & Development

  • Manufacturing: Competitive Factory Quotes, Production Management, Product Safety Review

The Challenge

A client new to game development wanted help taking a music-based game from early prototype stage to market.


  • Game play needed to be engaging, easy to understand, and efficient regarding use of all game pieces and instructions

  • Client requested help creating all graphics from logo to cards to box design, including a QR code linked to Spotify for every question


  • Project included managing all logistics from development to manufacturing and safety testing to shipping the final product


The Solution

Internal playtesting revealed an opportunity for streamlining the gameplay and components–we transitioned away from a game board and proposed using category dice instead. Our team even created a way to incorporate the game box into game play.


  • Taking prototypes and 3D box samples through three rounds of in-house playtesting ensures a clear understanding of the game play, components, and instructions among players

  • Cohesive graphic design across category cards, dice, instruction manual, and box graphics creates optimal user experience and enjoyment, not to mention the fun of each question having a unique QR code linked to Spotify!

  • Having our team oversee manufacturing gives the client peace of mind knowing our decades of production experience will cover any possible scenario–including all the hiccups that can come up during factory quoting, creating a bill of materials, production, quality assurance, safety testing, and shipping


Our client is thrilled to have the product available for sale. Customers are loving SongFestThe Ultimate Music Game Experience!

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