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Accelerate Your Remote Work Space with The Creative Fold


If your company is looking to move to a remote workforce or to improve efficiency for existing remote team members, we’re here to help! With our years of experience working remotely and our creative problem solving, we’re primed to help you transition your daily operations to a virtual environment. Here’s what we’re offering:


Free 1 Hour Consultation

A question and answer session with a project manager to help you decide if going remote is right for you and if we’re the partner to help. We’ll ask the right questions and help your organization identify the best next steps. 


Custom Packages

When you are ready to get started or even brush up what you have in place, we customize one of two options. Whether you are looking to improve what you have, put an emergency plan in place, or go to a full remote workforce, we will tailor the package to fit your goals.


For companies already using remote staff:

Management and staff training

Review of remote work physical requirements

Policy and best practices recommendations

Suggested updates to systems and tools

This process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. There will be a clear plan and we will leave you with the tools to keep your remote workforce strong and feeling engaged. 


For companies wanting to implement long or short-term remote working:


Assessment & Goal Setting

Phase 1 – Review and map out your company’s current communication flow

Phase 2 – Present recommended changes to accommodate remote working

Phase 3 – Agree on overall goals


Planning & Training

Phase 1 – Outline and plan the needs and timelines of the project

Phase 2 – Train leadership on a new way of working

Phase 3 – Create key internal team to champion the process


Roll Out & Execution

Phase 1 – Present clear company wide strategy 

Phase 2 – Discuss the changes in small teams or by department

Phase 3 – Implement the uses of new tools and review best practices


This process can take 3 – 6 months for a small to mid-sized company with less than 40 people. As part of the Go-Remote Package, we will follow-up with training and review 2 months after the roll-out to see how things are working.

Interested? Have questions for us? Reach out today to get started!

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