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Website Design Promo for April & May!

In the next few months, a strong online presence will be more important than ever before. People across the country may be confined to their homes, but they’re still online! Customers want to interact with your business, whether they’re shopping, contacting customer service, or learning about your brand. 

You need a website that’s intuitive, smart, and custom to your business. A great website will enhance the customer experience, build trust with your community, and distinguish you from competitors. Show your brand personality and tell your story more effectively with strong graphics and an engaging website.


For a limited time in April and May we’re offering clients a website design package. This includes a new custom website* with up to 6 pages, two rounds of design revisions, and basic training on functionality. All for just $1,750

We’ll help you put your best virtual foot forward for a good first impression. See a few examples of our website design work with clients:


Our client needed an accessible and whimsical website to promote her family ice cream business, which had been running for years without an official home online. The design needed to fit the existing brand identity (vibrant, colorful, energetic) while remaining cohesive and visually appealing.

We built an original website from scratch, getting inventive with our designs to uniquely and honestly represent a decades-old family ice cream store. Using bold patterns and vivid colors we evoked the whimsical nature of the company, using photos to showcase its story and community.

Despite very specific parameters and a unique style request, the client was ecstatic about the final product! The site launched on time for the start of the season, and after 20 years without an official home page, the client finally has a website they love!


Our startup client in the personal branding industry needed a website built from the ground up within an expedited timeline.

We devised a web presence that highlighted the client’s strong suit in a straightforward and striking manner. The high-impact website identified core strengths while cutting out visual clutter. It now serves as a professional and elegant focal point for the BREAKTHRU BRANDS business model.

The client saw great responses on the website launch, which helped her to grow and reach new markets for potential clients.

Want to add your company to this list? Get in touch today to start your custom website.

*Some limits on special functionality


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