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Sweet Summertime!

I still remember the magic of the last day of school before summer break – warm spring air thick with anticipation, knees covered in bandaids, the once-a-year playground picnic to keep kids out of the sanitized cafeteria, saying goodbye to friends, dreaming about stacks of coupons to win during the library’s summer reading program, t-ball, and the annual trip to a Twins game where 50 kids and probably too few adults spend a day in a school bus to sit in the last row of the cheap seats. 

Recently, I read someone’s online comment that summer isn’t actually the best season as an adult. That we think its the best, but it’s really just an emotional carryover from the school-free summers of childhood. In reality, depending on where you live, it’s increasingly hot, buggy, smoky, and even sometimes lonely watching everyone else vacation on Instagram while stuck at your desk.

While all of this may be true, there’s just something about summer. Even adults should be able to find small moments of magic in the summer, whether it’s firefly studded twilight, hearing the crack of a bat, the jarring splash of water from a city-pool cannonball, sandy beach days of sunblock and sandcastles, or just appreciating the deliciousness of cold watermelon on a hot day.

I asked our Creative Fold team about a few of their favorite summer activities. Here’s what they said:

“For me, it’s hiking, biking, and swimming, and the occasional outdoor concerts at small and large venues. There’s nothing like being outdoors on a nice day, enjoying nature and being away from the confines of one's house. As for games, there is nothing like a good game of bocce ball on a beach or on an (official) outdoor court. The strategy involved is fun, it’s great to play with friends, especially with a drink in hand, and it’s low-impact so you are not totally exhausted, especially on a hot day.” - Edoardo

“As soon as Harrison is old enough, we are totally doing homemade Slip & Slide with tarp, a hose, and Murphy's Oil soap! But Harrison also loves bubbles, washing the car, his water tower... pretty much anything that involves playing in the water. He takes after me, just say the word "pool" or "swimming" and I'm there for it!” - Katie

“I enjoy going for walks and runs during the summer. Picnics with friends are always a plus!”  - Aayesha

As for me, Elisabeth, it’s morning walks with my family before the sun gets too hot. We listen to the birds, drink our coffee, and start the day off with a burst of energy to sustain the rest of the day. A close second involves eating outside in any form: picnics in the shade of a big tree, racing against an ice cream cone before it melts to soup, burgers and fries on a patio with friends. Does food really taste better outside? I have no official research to back it up, but I say yes.

Here’s to a summer of finding small bits of magic through play, adventure, and celebrating the outdoors!

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