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An Interview with The Creative Fold Founders

What makes The Creative Fold unique?

The Creative Fold brings efficient gig-style services to the ever changing modern economy. We are a team of experts specializing in graphic design, product development, industrial design, and manufacturing, but at a base level we are creative problem solvers and industrious project managers. Our business model is flexible, so we are available for both short-term and long-term projects. Our organizational skills are strong. We can hop in and out of projects as needed saving our clients money. We seamlessly integrate our services with our partners to maximize creative capacity and increase output.

We are a women-owned business that will provide direction from a strategic standpoint but also execute and deliver, offering a full problem-solving package. We turn ideas into tangible action items. We love getting things done and meeting deadlines. And we’re unapologetically good at what we do.

It’s not our ample experience that makes us unique. It’s using our creative problem solving and design expertise to find the right solution for a client, whether it’s a website, a product, packaging, marketing support, or a time-saving service.

Why did you decide to start your business?

In our previous work experience, regardless of role, so much of our time was actually just spent troubleshooting and problem solving. We watched projects stop after reaching an impasse on a decision. And many of them never started back up again.

While reflecting on this experience, we realized the value of creative problem solving. We wanted to start a business to bring creative capacity and problem solving to the market. And 2018 was just the right time to start! In the last two years, many businesses have reduced internal support to rely on contractors. We can fill that gap with a full service team. We provide an option to hire our services for a simple graphic design need, short term and long term projects, or on a negotiated retainer with access to our entire team as needed.

What is your vision for The Creative Fold?

We are creating something new – a business centered on problem solving. We want to be the place where companies go when they get stuck. They can trust that The Creative Fold will get them over the line. We hope to increase our capacity, and to do this we are constantly looking for the right clients. We’ve mainly worked with small and mid-size businesses, but we plan to market our services to large companies as well. If you’d like to learn more about how we could help your company, reach out here!

We will continue to teach the art of creative thinking, of tackling tasks with an open-minded approach. We will invest in our team of creative problem solvers and industrious project managers because the world needs new thinkers.

Who do you work with?

  • We work with great people! Our clients are:

  • start-up game inventors

  • a top Canadian toy retailer 

  • toy industry leaders

  • STEM kit makers

  • international organizations

  • a branding agency

  • an artisan knife maker

  • a family-owned ice cream shop ...and more!

With projects ranging in scope from branding to web design, production to game testing, copywriting to packaging design and so much more, we bring a diverse offering to an evolving business climate. 

It’s 2020 and times are changing. Let us come alongside your company as you design, develop, manufacture, and grow.


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