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  • Graphic Design: Package Graphics

  • Industrial Design: Package Construction


The Challenge

Our client came to us for help designing origami-inspired packaging for a new product. They wanted an unusual package shape to showcase the geometry of the product from the outside of the box. 


  • A non-standard architectural packaging shape created significant challenges from an industrial design standpoint

  • Designing and constructing a single sheet of paper with precise folds & cuts to wrap snugly around the product as part of the packaging complicated the prototyping process


  • Incorporating a 2-dimensional image of the golden ratio onto a 3-dimensional structure presented a tricky design puzzle of its own


The Solution

After an armful of prototypes and collaborative brainstorming with the client, we arrived at the perfect solution using our distinctive expertise in both graphic design and CAD. 


  • Angular packaging design highlights the product’s unique shape and golden ratio proportions

  • Beautiful paper wrap around the puzzle enhances user experience while expanding the canvas for product background story

  • Viewing the golden ratio spiral on the product’s packaging from an aerial view satisfies client’s desire to display the golden ratio both physically and visually


Our problem solving skills were put to the test with this one. But we love a challenge! The client loved the end result and plans to use the concepts on his whole future product line.

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