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PeaceLove - Mental Health Art Kits



  • Industrial Design: Product Concept Sketches, Mockups & Prototypes

  • Product Development: Sourcing & Development

  • Manufacturing: Competitive Factory Quotes


The Challenge

A new client that offers creative workshops for mental health was looking to redesign each of their art kits for a better user experience. They also wanted to elevate their offering to look more professional and cohesive as a line and needed the final design to be usable by many ability levels.


  • Each art project kit needed to be evaluated to determine the best materials and presentation

  • Materials and packaging had to be cost-conscious, art-inspiring, and paper-based for flat-packing shipments


  • For a cohesive look across all products, client wanted an easily assemblable custom 3D item that communicated value to the end user


  • Lastly, products needed to be sourced domestically, a challenge when most domestic paper suppliers are highly specialized and didn’t have the specific capabilities/machinery for this job


The Solution

Our team jumped in to find the perfect paperboard material for these 3D canvases. After testing extensively, we determined paperboard with interlocking tabs would work best across the different designs for a consistent manufacturing method. After lots of back and forth, we found a manufacturer that could cut complex shapes out of our paperboard.


  • Making sure each product fit in flat-packed boxes aligning with company’s existing shipping box sizes makes sure shipping is cost-effective

  • Thick slotted paperboard with interlocking tabs is just the right material for assembling the 3D canvases and sturdy enough to hold up under wet art supplies 


  • Finding a laser-cutting, NY-based supplier that could do a small run for the client allows them to experiment with the new design without committing to a large minimum order for their initial production


Our collaborative style and flexibility throughout this project kept things moving ahead successfully. We are pleased with the result and can’t wait to see these new and improved art kits in action!

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