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O'Hara's Son Roofing


Graphic Design: Swag

The Challenge

Our client, a family owned and operated roofing company based in Chicago, was looking for help in creating custom graphics that they could get embroidered onto their employees’ Carhartt bomber jackets. It was also important that the front of the jackets had a clear place for the company logo for client-facing interactions. Some unique challenges included:


  • Finding a way to explain that they are based in Chicago but expand outside of the state lines of Illinois as well

  • Ensuring that the graphics had a gender-neutral aesthetic

  • Keeping the design simple and professional while staying on-brand with their current color palette of red, white, and gray.


The Solution

  • Using a bold clean font and simplistic linework, we integrated two elements into one cohesive design–the Chicago skyline in red and the outline of the state of Illinois in white, with an intersection of gray so that all of the brand colors were present. 

  • After their first print run, the client informed us that the employees LOVED their new jackets!

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