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Meusel's Dairy Delite



  • Graphic Design: Website

  • Content Creation: Copywriting

The Challenge

Our client needed an accessible and whimsical website to promote her family ice cream business, which had been running for years without an official home online.

  • Project had a tight production window before stores opened for the season, with few established assets or marketing materials

  • Design needed to fit existing brand identity (vibrant, colorful, energetic) while remaining cohesive and visually appealing

  • Descriptions and writing needed personality; client was concerned about the language sounding manufactured


The Solution

We built an original website from scratch, getting inventive with our words and designs to uniquely and honestly represent a decades-old family ice cream store.

  • Bold patterns and vivid colors evoke the whimsical nature of the company, alongside photos that showcase its story and community

  • Website text captures the lighthearted and “corny” spirit of the business by incorporating the owner’s own terminology and jokes – plus a few zingers of our own

  • Straightforward layout ensures ease-of-use for all customers on mobile/tablet as well as desktops

Despite very specific parameters and a unique style request, the client was ecstatic about the final product! The site launched on time for the start of the season, and after 20 years without an official home page, the client finally has a website they love!

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