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Meet MahJong

ThinkFun – Meet MahJong


  • Product Development: Playtesting / Sourcing & Development

The Challenge

The client came to us with an outside inventor’s version of MahJong that was a bit too abstract. The game needed modifications to be closer to authentic MahJong and appeal to a slightly older audience.


  • Game needed to use tiles that looked like true MahJong tiles rather than the symbols used in the inventor’s version

  • Initial playtests illuminated an issue with game play being way too lengthy

  • Game instructions required significant revisions for clarity and overall game comprehension


The Solution

Through multiple rounds of playtests, reviews, and edits, we came to a fantastic product that all parties were pleased with. We revised the gameplay and instructions and updated the components. Working with a long-time MahJong expert and game specialist, we got advice on the best way to develop the game and made sure it was still true to MahJong. We also split the game into two versions–one based on Chinese MahJong and one based on the American MahJong.


  • Revised tile graphics closer to true MahJong allows for player continuity and deeper understanding of MahJong

  • Thorough playtesting and revising, with a focus on the distribution of tiles and the game length, creates a fun and smooth game with optimal playability

  • Adding additional elements like player screens with game instructions to assist comprehension makes the game easier to understand and play


After working extensively on this project, we’re beyond thrilled that the game is officially on the market. Welcome to the world, Meet MahJong!

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