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mEducation Alliance

Graphic Design: Web Graphics, Logo Development

The Challenge

Our client, a global nonprofit focused on technology in education, needed assistance enhancing their website’s graphical offering including icons, web banners, early-stage logo concepts, and infographics while communicating both digital and analog play experiences. 

  • Client wanted to visually showcase various elements by incorporating math and education for a global audience, including developing countries, requiring messaging that translated across cultures

  • Programs and initiatives required graphics to compliment and showcase current projects, appealing to investors and donors

  • Client needed various event-specific graphics: a web banner for the 10th Annual mEducation Alliance Virtual Symposia Series, a thumbnail image for Math Power! festivals, a template graphic for eCafe virtual meetings, and an image for EdTech Academy 


The Solution

Through effective listening and collaboration, our team created all requested graphical elements to boost the client’s website offering.

  • New graphics work across cultures to communicate math literacy and technology while incorporating non-digital play elements like Legos, puzzles, and board games

  • Updated icons highlight client’s programming and initiatives, accelerating their nonprofit’s presence and appealing to potential donors

  • Our event-specific graphics showcase the unique spirit of each event—math festivals, virtual meetups, symposia, or other offerings at the intersection of games and technology for a global audience

With our help, mEducation Alliance can continue their mission of bringing digital literacy and entrepreneurial spirit to the global education community with a visually-enhanced website experience.

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