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Maren Skincare



  • Graphic Design: Logo & Brand Guide, Package Graphics

  • Content Creation: Copywriting


The Challenge

Our client, a bioengineer team (referred to us by a prior client), needed package graphics and copywriting to support their new product - an eczema skin cream using their patented marine glycoproteins.

  • Packaging had to establish a brand-new skincare product as safe, effective, and desirable as well as unique

  • Design had to start nearly from scratch, with no website or collateral to work from

  • Creative work had to fit into newly-developed brand identity and focus it towards consumers


The Solution

We crafted seven unique brand concepts that draw on the product's strengths to distinguish it from their competitors.

  • Packaging evokes both water and healing to provide consumers a sense of soothing and relief

  • Marketing language draws on company's scientific roots, establishing a sense of credibility

  • Designs and writing draw on and enhance established brand identity, allowing for further iterations & products

Our client was delighted by the new language and designs, and immediately incorporated both into their developing website and future marketing efforts! Take a look at their impressive flagship product at

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