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Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival


  • Graphic Design: Signage

  • Manufacturing: Production Management


The Challenge

Our nonprofit client had an idea for a floor mat involving math exercises a product that none of the typical vendors were equipped to create.


The Solution

With the help of some innovative research and a manufacturer from an unconventional industry, we produced the mats with original graphics and layout.

  • Bright and clear graphics design fits a variety of activities while maintaining clarity for younger ages

  • A marching band supplier adapted its field-sized graphics capabilities to a smaller scale for durable, walkable 10’ x 10’ vinyl mats

This one was a challenge. None of our client’s contacts, or ours, had the capability for printing large-scale floor mats with the clarity and durability that the client needed, and the client was at their wits’ end for how to manufacture such a product. But with some out-of-the-box thinking, we were happy to find the exact answer to such a unique need — and the client was happy, too!

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