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Graphic Design: Web Graphics / Website

The Challenge

Our client, a host of toy industry conferences and networking, wanted help revamping their website in the midst of a rebrand and a transition from in-person conferences to online. They needed a modern, well-organized, and easy to navigate virtual space.


  • POP is a hub for a wide variety of audiences including consumers, families, kids, inventors, and industry people, and information had to be accessible and shareable in a straightforward way to cater to each audience segment virtually

  • Website revamp needed to compliment client’s new logo with modern design, energy, and vibrant bursts of color while also organizing the various blogs, articles, and interviews into a clear system

  • Client wanted a website template that would be easy for their small team to manage while keeping a consistent look and feel no matter who was working on the site


The Solution

Through weekly meetings with the client to discuss changes, gather feedback, and provide training on the Wix platform, we created a modern and approachable website that’s playful yet professional.


  • An easily navigable system allows visitors to seamlessly browse, watch, and learn on the site, accessing streamlined sets of well-organized information

  • A modern spruce up, including a clean look, new fonts, and simple design elements, elevates the revamped website and attracts and retains members from all audience segments 

  • Training on templates and overall website functionality gives client the ability to make future changes without our help 


The revamped website celebrates the People Of Play (POP!) community by telling personal stories with playful, quality images, elevating the overall experience, and clearly communicating the ethos of the organization.

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