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Gray Matters Games



  • Graphic Design: Package Graphics

  • Product Development: Playtesting

The Challenge

Our client had created several party games for the 17+ category, and needed packaging designs tailored to appeal to that demographic.

  • Design had to be tasteful, while remaining unique and evocative

  • Each product’s presentation had to stand out from its competitors on the shelf

  • Client wanted further context on the industry, including advice on production constraints and design choices


The Solution

We identified key points of the game’s presentation (color, orientation, character, gameplay) and pursued these points in our design strategy, creating polished and unique packaging designs. In addition, we talked the client through sourcing and manufacturing decisions using our industry knowledge.

  • Color palette results in a high-design box that indicates a party game while appealing to a more mature crowd

  • Simple, self-evident iconography explains game mechanics before players even open the package

  • A newly-identified vendor more closely matched the manufacturing requirements of the games, with a professional quality that appealed to the mass retail audience

The client was incredibly pleased with the end results. We’re always happy to work with them, combining our expertise with their creativity on many different projects. It’s been such a positive experience that they’ve referred us to multiple other clients as well.

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