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Gray Matters Games – You Bet-Cha!



  • Product Development: Playtesting, User Experience Evaluation

  • Manufacturing: Product Safety Review, Competitive Factory Quotes, Production Management


The Challenge

Our client, a new game designer, needed to make a tight delivery deadline after the original production company for his debut game fell through.

  • Assets were scattered after initial producer backed out

  • Product needed to be ready for sale by holiday season


The Solution

We stepped in both as producers and as creative consultants, managing production and development, and connecting the client with many resources in the industry.

  • New processes for development, playtesting, and manufacturing brought the schedule back on time

  • Cost-effective materials and open-source components eased production issues

  • Consultation on Amazon logistics and a client-owned warehouse system kept distribution on pace

The client saw great success with this first game, and has gone on to produce three more games in under two years – and has involved Creative Fold in different ways each time! With our connections and experience in the industry, we’ve solved countless problems for him as creative consultants.

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