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Gateway to Learning — Marketing Brochure

Marketing Brochure


  • Graphic Design: Print Collateral

  • Content Creation: Copywriting

The Challenge

An existing client wanted help creating a tri-fold marketing brochure in three different languages to cater to their diverse network of clients.


  • A change in personnel on the client’s end complicated the undertaking with a copy change mid-project

  • Creating three versions of the brochure in three languages made for a challenge in design and coordination

  • Client needed help printing the finished English language version


The Solution

First, we designed the tri-fold brochure using the English text provided by the client with a bit of tweaking. Using our network of connections, we found Polish and Spanish translators to translate the entirety of the marketing brochure text and then recreated the brochure in each language.


  • Our team’s flexibility allows for and reacts quickly to changes on the client end of the project

  • Tapping into our vast international resource network makes translating and proofreading text easy to execute

  • Coordinating and overseeing printing of the English-version marketing brochure eliminates hassle for client


This project highlighted our diverse set of skills in copywriting, design, and development. The client was thrilled with the finished product, which is now circulating in three different languages!

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