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Gateway to Learning – Barley’s Biscuits



  • Graphic Design: Logo & Brand Guide, Package Graphics

  • Content Creation: Copywriting

  • Product Development: Package Sourcing

The Challenge

Our nonprofit client had created a line of sustainable dog biscuits as a social enterprise, and needed a bright, attention-catching design and branding to promote their efforts.

  • Dog biscuit packaging had to stand on its own, establish a brand identity for future products, and promote the organization’s philosophy and mission

  • Design needed to reflect their community members – people of varying abilities – and the services provided to them

  • Brand needed to be whimsical and simple, without seeming “childish” or disrespecting the program’s participants

  • Sticker and stamp needed to be designed with imperfect placement in mind; slight angle appearing intentional


The Solution

We produced a host of marketing materials to meet the organization’s specific needs: brand guidelines that blended the organization’s mission with an original identity, a marketing postcard for new audiences, and an easy-assembly packaging design with multiple elements.

  • Design process directly involved the program’s students, who contributed to both name and logo discussions

  • Upbeat text describes pet treats, explains sourcing, then highlights the organization’s greater mission

  • Description draws attention to sustainable and local-business appeals, using spent grains from breweries in Chicago’s Malt Row

  • Packaging components feature multiple textures (sticker, stamp) and are easily accessible for students of varying abilities to assemble

The client was thrilled about the new design, and excited to see the product come to life. With a new and professional design, they hope to expand further into the community and branch into farmer’s markets, veterinary offices, dog shelters, and more. And they even gave us some finished biscuits as a thank-you!

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