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Gathering 4 Gardner


  • Graphic Design: Website, Web Graphics

  • Content Creation: Copywriting

The Challenge

Our nonprofit client needed a full revamp of their web presence before their biennial event for hundreds of attendees. Without an easily-maintained website, they had faced many issues with updating, event notices, archives, and online donations.

  • Event information and content was split across a few different websites

  • Sites needed to appeal to a wide audience: multiple ages and occupations made for a unique audience demographic


The Solution

We consolidated the client’s digital presence to a single consistent site, a one-stop-shop for attendee and presenter use before, during, and after each event.

  • Design evokes the complicated-yet-whimsical philosophy at the core of the organization, and follows its “something for everyone” mentality

  • Dozens of new, streamlined pages support different functions, including a frequently-used announcements section and a Donations/Thank-You feature

  • An archive of prior event materials (presentation videos, exchange publication archives, and further readings) dating back to 2012 includes hundreds of assets that were inaccessible to audience members for years

An outdated, convoluted HTML website was the thorn in this client’s side, and we were happy to help remove it! The new content-managed website has opened up previously-inaccessible resources and keeps the community engaged before the next event. And speaking of the next event: we continue to work with the client, expanding our responsibilities and tackling new problems with each event.

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