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Ewuraba Pa



Graphic Design: Package Graphics

The Challenge

Our client came to us looking for help with a packaging insert for her line of dolls celebrating traditional Ghanaian female clothing. Each of the seven dolls in the line represent a different day of the week. 


  • Packaging insert needed to clearly and concisely tell the Ewuraba Pa story while working for all seven of the dolls

  • Two-sided design had to be eye-catching yet versatile enough to match each of the seven different color themes while being visible from the outside and inside of the box

  • Request of a redesigned bookmark to accompany each doll created an additional challenge

The Solution

Our team created the perfect die-cut packaging insert to match the client’s wishes, delivering the final artwork files for the new insert and the rebranded bookmark.


  • Bold graphic design and new branding elevates the look of the packaging, making it POP!

  • Color scheme aligns with all seven clothing styles, keeping consistency while celebrating the uniqueness of each doll

  • Adjusted packaging insert size and layout of die-cut panel allows for easier assembly


Additionally, we helped the client source a vendor, broadening their network and ensuring continued success. We were thrilled to produce such a positive result for the client.

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