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Underdog Games – National Parks Trivia



  • Graphic Design: Package Graphics

  • Industrial Design: Package Construction


The Challenge

Our client wanted help evaluating a few key elements of Trekking the National Parks: Trivia, a game inspired by their bestseller Trekking the National Parks. Project elements included a packaging assessment, branding, and content. 


  • Current packaging design contained significant empty space, driving up shipping costs and inefficiency

  • Trekking the National Parks: Trivia sounded too similar to other company offerings, further research was needed to assess necessity of a name & brand change for clarity


  • A new direction with packaging and branding required substantial work updating packaging and game component graphics

The Solution

Through a branding brainstorm exercise with our team and their internal research, the client determined a name change to National Parks Trivia would allow for continued search engine success while better distinguishing the game from Trekking the National Parks.


  • Downsized packaging ensures shipping efficiency with a minimized box footprint and reformatted graphics 


  • New name & logo design differentiate the game from its precursor and highlight compelling graphics & packaging artwork

  • Updated trivia card content keeps the game relevant and accurate – In addition to graphics changes, our team went card by card to update the content on every trivia card - all 300 of them!


Our final delivery to the client contained production-ready files for the new box artwork, redesigned component files, and updated trivia cards. We know the revisions will make a big difference!

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