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Promotional Items & Product Packaging

LaSeur Knives

Promotional Items & Product Packaging

The Challenge

Our client, a creator of high-quality culinary knives, needed marketing products and packaging designs to emphasize and enhance their luxury branding.

  • Promotional items had to highlight the product's quality, while maintaining an eye-catching design

  • Packaging had to be customized to fit each knife individually, ranging in size from small paring knives to large cleavers

  • Efforts had to fit within established branding guidelines, creating an even greater sense of value


The Solution

We created promotional items and a packaging philosophy that elevates the core product, allowing it to shine front-and-center.

  • Business cards prominently display knife photography against a neutral background, emphasizing the product

  • Product packaging includes "spec cards" filled in by hand for each knife, solidifying its one-of-a-kind status

  • Promotional t-shirt design evokes knives first and foremost in a minimalist approach

The client was ecstatic about our efforts, and has requested additional design & marketing efforts from us on an ongoing basis! With an elegant packaging & promotional design, the client has a greater impression of quality and rarity for their products.  

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