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Graphic Design: Logo & Brand Guide, Website, Print Collateral


The Challenge

Our startup client in the personal branding industry requested logo and branding work to form a cornerstone of future growth.

  • Brand needed to be strong and self-evident as an example for future customers

  • Website was built from the ground up within an expedited timeline of 2½ weeks


The Solution

We devised a web and branding presence that highlighted the client’s strong suit (Content and Marketing Strategy) in a straightforward and striking manner.

  • High-impact website and blog identified her core strengths while cutting out visual clutter

  • Brand guide involved business cards and templates for invoices, presentations, letterhead, and more

  • Site serves as a professional and elegant focal point for their business model

The client saw great responses on the website

launch, which helped her to grow and reach new markets for potential clients. We still partner with her to help some of those clients – and whenever she knows someone in need of design and visual branding, she’s eager to refer us!

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