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Alley Hoopster



  • Graphic Design: Website, Web Graphics

  • Industrial Design: Concept Sketches, 3D Modeling & Renderings, Prototypes

  • Product Development: Sourcing & Development, Playtesting, User Experience Evaluation

  • Manufacturing: Competitive Factory Quotes, Product Safety Review

The Challenge

Our clients came to us with a big idea for a trick shot kit but needed help taking the product from early concept stage to final production and building an eye-catching website to generate buzz ahead of launch.


  • Original concept needed extensive research and sourcing expertise to find workable components that met safety requirements

  • Project required significant testing of materials to ensure functionality and repeatable trick shots while maintaining appeal

Client wanted a vibrant website to showcase their cool graphics and tell the story of the Alley Hoopster “Sick Shot!” Trick Shot Kit, as well as renderings for their Kickstarter page.


The Solution

Through hours of testing and thinking outside the box, we provided our client with the components, product designs and renderings, and production oversight necessary to bring the Alley Hoopster “Sick Shot!” Trick Shot Kit to life.


  • In-depth component sourcing by our industrial design team achieves client’s vision while satisfying projectile safety standards

  • Thorough internal testing of platforms, balls, and launcher ensures materials and design are ideal for repeatable trick shots, all at a cost negotiated with the factory

  • Engaging Shopify website with video-forward content highlights the product’s intrigue


After a successful Kickstarter launch funded in 48 hours with over 150 backers and growing buzz around the product shipping in summer of 2021, it’s clear that people want Alley Hoopster!

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